Welcome to Lumberjack Studios! 

                 Here at Lumberjack studios we strive to bring the utmost quality and Products Made in the USA. We started this site with the artist in mind. Many of you may know our combs, Lumberjack Comb Company. Well, we decided to do something a little different. Although Lumberjack Comb Company is still alive and well, we wanted to provide our customers with other Handmade Products, by other artists. Thats right, other amazing artists being sold along side Lumberjack Combs! This is an exciting endeavor and we are looking forward to building this Website and customer base. All the artists featured here will be Lumberjack Approved and quality will always be top priority. But, we also see it as a way for other artists to get know and to give them a market space to gain more customer base, while promoting USA made quality! We're not only excited to bring on amazing artists, we are more excited to see what these artists will bring to the table. 
             We would like to see this site as a staple for quality gifts. The "Man Store" I guess you could call it. Weather its a Handmade Knife, Pen, Tobacco pipe, Wooden product or a Leather wallet. With unique hand made products on one site, your sure to find something. Weather its for that special someones birthday, fathers day, christmas gift, anniversary gift or to just spoil yourself,  we'd like to provide that right here at Lumberjack Studios. 

Brent Vaccaro
Lumberjack Comb Company

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